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Offices Closed?  – The right time to get the Latest Workplace Technology for meetings and Collaborations.

There’s never been a better time to change

As we start preparing for the lockdown to get over and make safe spaces for all at work there are few things you might want to consider and also the best time to upgrade your workplace aesthetic and get that renovation/ Tech Refresh/makeover you have always considered. Upgrading your AV SYSTEMS, making spaces more usable and productive while ensuring safety for all.

it is time to embrace new arrangements and adapt to change.

Some essentials to install in the workspaces are

Here is why this is the best time to renovate

Your commercial property whether rented or owned is an essential business asset. Effective and strategic utilization of your working space affects your organization’s productivity and profitability.


Office Renovation

Most of the offices are working with their workforce working from home, this gives you a unique opportunity to start in-office renovations. Achieve the Tech Refresh keeping the safety and the health concerns of Staff completely away.

No need to rearrange your staff, hold office, or have the inconvenience to renovate just when it is not business hours. The flexibility to keep elongated hours for renovation makes the work faster, without interruptions for staff and no interferences.

Neither would you have to do it in stages. Thus, completing the renovations in a shorter time span, making it cost-effective while bringing up the value of your existing commercial space.

2) Updating your current workplace and improving productivity

The benefits to your business are endless. This is a great opportunity to refresh your business by updating your office, improve workflow, productivity, and morale within your office, it will also further increase your business’ credibility & professional reputation to new and potential customers.

  • A grand welcoming reception lounge with OLED VIDEO WALLS
  • You could build a new experience centre, to showcase your products and or solutions in a way to WOW the Customers.
  • Huddle rooms / break out rooms / Agile Rooms for smaller meeting spaces to ensure social distance is maintained while not affecting meeting times.
  • Install video conferencing to ensure that even when you can’t travel you are able to conduct meetings and engage clients.
  • Products like the Surface hub 2s give you more flexibility to conduct meetings just about anywhere. A true AGILE Rooms Solution.
  • While SISTAB makes sure the collaboration workspaces are more interactive and interesting.
  • Command Centre or Videowalls to help monitor and instruct all your offices and workspaces in one place
  • Build State of the Art Boardrooms by using the Latest APP free Presentation from any Device without Loading Apps on the User Phones. Collaborate using 2-way interaction across different locations anywhere in the World.
  • Make Public areas more interesting by putting Large LED Videowall for Events in Cafeteria / Townhalls.
  • Install Digital Signage to engage Your Staff to know Latest News and information and for messaging precautions and Protocol for appropriate behaviour.
  • Back Ground Music to soothe the Members from a Harrowing WFH experience and make WFO more enjoyable.

While there are a lot of possibilities these above are just a few suggestions to make your workplace interesting and futuristic.



Working from home over the past few months some of the staff may find it difficult to come back to the normal working environment. A few may have gone through stress/ personal trauma during these trying times. What better way to welcome them all back to a newly upgraded space, charged with energy new technology, and fresh beginnings.

Investing in Present and Future Safety

These are some of the most critical features to include in your office renovation during COVID-19 as offices adjust to a post-coronavirus world. These changes are an investment as well as a way to protect both your business and your staff. There’s no going back to what was and the last year has forced a drastic reset of work, home, and all points in between.

And yet the office is not entirely going away. In fact, it might be more needed than ever as companies pivot to new realities and forge bonds among a workforce that, in very few cases, looks identical to the so-called before times.

It’s the utilization of that space that you hold changes to accommodate the health and safety of the people working in it.

Post-pandemic offices will focus more singularly on creating and representing the culture of a company. That mission will drive physical spaces with more breakout rooms and gathering spots. It will dictate who comes to the office and why. Reasons to convene onboarding, training, meetings, team-building and collaboration.

The office of the future is a much more flexible place

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