Innovative Interaction of the Future

SISPL introduces SISTAB, a multi-touch table, with interactive multi-touch surface, multi-touch screen and multi-touch interface. SISTAB is an interactive collaboration platform which allows you to use large screen display across the table to engage clients in an unforgettable experience. It turns ordinary presentations, brochures, images, websites and more into captivating, interactive experiences.

SISTAB is specially designed and developed to increase engagement, initiate new ideas and create more opportunities.

The Multi-touch Features You Expect:

  • Control your Documents, Pictures and Videos with your Fingertips.
  • Annotation feature to highlight your point.
  • Imports file from various content sources.
  • Flip your content to a secondary display.
  • Interact with webpages directly.
  • Customised Menu Bar.
  • Share your files, pictures and documents to external drives.
  • Rotate your screen for viewing ease to the person across the table.

Technical Specifications

  • Projected-Capacitive Touch System.
  • 10 Touch Points.
  • Multiple Simultaneous User.
  • Premium Presentation System That Delivers Results.
  • Multiple Simultaneous User.
  • Ultra-High Definition Display.
  • Up to 65″ UHD 4K Display.
  • Windows 10.

Where to Use

  • Experience Centres.
  • Corporate Presentations.
  • Retail Outlets for Product Display.
  • Lobbies and Waiting Lounges.
  • Events and Exhibitions.
  • Hospitality Information Displays.
  • High-tech Experience Centres & Museums.
SISTAB helps you Captivate your audience, Collaborate and engage seamlessly, present with absolute confidence & interact with your customer like never before.