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LED Video Wall

LED Video Wall

LED Video walls are formed from various cabinets of Direct View LED displays (also called DV), that works together as a unit to display the content as it was single screen.

Each cabinet of LED Video Wall works independently thus provides the flexibility to create LED Video Wall of any size or shape.

The seamless LED panels have practically no bezels (seams) and they can be tiled together giving unmatched uniformity, wide viewing angles. Arc shaped displays can be easily made with small modules providing the picture completeness.


Types of LED Video Wall


LED Video Wall Applications

  • Broadcasting Studio

Benefits of LED VIDEO WALL

  • Direct View LED

  • No Back Light

  • High Illumination

  • Energy Efficient

  • Best Refresh Rates

  • Seamless No Bezels

  • Any Size & Shape

  • Easy Maintenance


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