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Supremus Excellencia - Video Wall for Stadiums

This Product Category of LED Video wall Displays are used for Creating a Superlative viewing Experiences for Luxury, Entertainment and For Retail Applications. These can be used for Indoor and Outdoor Applications and can be Customised for outdoor scenarios as well such as Stadium Displays. A place where you may have large gathering and you want to give a gigantic feel of the screen to the audience, WOW them and show them an experience like never before. Visuals can leave an impact like none other.

These LED videowalls made with High Reliability and Variety of Mounting Options. These Displays are made for High performance in High Ambient Light such as Shopping Malls, Airports/Retail, Multiplexes etc. Economical Options include replacement of OLD Panels based LCD video walls. With Running Lifespan of more than 100000 Hours these can be the ideal Solution for your LARGE SCREEN Display needs.

So go right ahead and indulge in a solution that is the best in today’s technology and giving you worth of every penny spent.

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