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Conceptually, a command center / Control Room / NOC (network operating centre) / SOC (security operating centre) is a source of leadership and guidance to ensure that service and order is maintained in the facility.

command center or a control room is typically a secure room or building in an organization that operates as the surveillance monitoring centre, coordination office and alarm monitoring centre all in one. Command Centres are ergonomically designed to streamline the interface between technology and operators for smart monitoring often referred to as a war room or NOC (network operating centre) as it is used to provide a centralized command and they are the DASHBOARD often providing at-a-glance views of key performance indicators relevant to a particular objective or business process.

A room containing visualizations of the network with help of AV assets like control system, display system & broadcast, also workstations at which the detailed status of the network can be seen.

In this application, a Video wall is used for the convenience of many users that can see the entire screen at one go and the Large Canvas has a variety of layouts that are made up of the user’s screens. With this kind of information available at one go, it helps to Monitor and manage a certain Critical Operation that can avoid or identify reasons for Failure of a certain Process. A similar example includes a Detailed Banking / Financial process that requires many team members to track and react/respond to changing situations on an Active basis. The information can be presented in the form of a “DASHBOARD” which is visible on a Large screen to all the team members associated with the process including the Senior Management which may need to resolve these “Crises” in a “War Room”.

No longer are the days when all decision-makers are in the same area as the command centre. They are spread out across buildings, campuses, or even farther. Communications must include the ability to send a shared perspective of real-time content about a situation from within the four walls of the command centre and beyond to first responders and stakeholders no matter where they may be to make informed decisions and implement responses.

The solution ultimately enables an efficient work allocation and execution, which increases operating benefits such as productivity, profitability, processing speed, flexibility and service quality.

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