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The constraint in space and the need for more private discussion spaces has given rise to small meeting rooms. Often referred to as huddle rooms, these smaller spaces are more in demand for impromptu meetings, brainstorming sessions and presentations for groups of two to four employees. Huddle rooms are proving to be a much more useful and practical for organizations, these rooms are much more versatile and welcoming for smaller teams to accommodate when needing a private space to make decisions, communicate with customers and present to their peers. Since these are smaller in size, they are also much less expensive to fit out and can accommodate furniture and equipment at significantly a lower cost.

We deploy solutions for small meeting rooms, huddle rooms, and huddle pods, to ensure your teams get access to video communications in whatever room they choose to collaborate within.

The huddle room technologies may differ from full conference room integration, yet it is capable to provide a consistent user experience. We at SISPL will understand the layout of the room and can shape the technology around your standard. Whether it’s a huddle room with three chairs or a conference room with 20, when the CEO walks in they can see the same easy-to-use interface and push-to-join button on the touch panel.

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