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Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage ?

A digital signage is a digital setup that displays video or graphical content for advertising or any informational purpose. Now a days Digital Signage is seen everywhere. We’ve have seen digital signage advertisements at malls, found information of gates at airport, Digital menus that display food details, Movie trailers at theaters, store locations at shopping malls, all this is possible because of Digital Signage Solutions.
LED Video Wall is also a type of Digital Signage that shows variety of information. You can learn more about LED Video Wall Solutions on our other section of the website.
Since digital signage have increasingly impacted our lives, its capabilities are evolving from a static information to more interactive form of communication, that connects, interacts, and pulls content from diverse sources in real time..

Digital Signage Solutions

SISPL Retail brings range of Digital displays and Signage Solutions viz – Super fine, Ultra-slim, High Brightness LED / OLED Signages. These, coupled with Media Players, Customized Content and our Softwares, become powerful tools of communication to client and encouraging their involvement and creating a wow-factor in the buying process.
Key Advantages of Digital Signage

  • Influencing the Decision-making at Point of sale is most effectively done by Digital Signage.
  • Opting for digital signage means not only creating new interactive experiences but also engaging the target audience in a more flexible and cost-effective way to communicate.
  • Value-Adds to the already created impact created by the Digital Presence of the Brand / Products and brings them into physical retail.
  • Flexibility for adaptation to the context and audience
  • Big enabler to increase sales by – direct to specific products, upsell, highlight offers and trigger impulse purchase
  • Make Products more visible and available – 92% shoppers are influenced as where to shop, by real-time product availability.

Digital Signage Solutions

Interactive Way Finding - Digital Signage

Interactive Way Finding - Digital Signage

  • Useful for Malls, Large format stores to facilitate quick search of Departments, Sections, Product Categories etc.
  • It comes with ‘You are here’ marker along with animated route showing the path to be taken by the customer
  • Can be coupled with Customer feedback software to provide valuable feedback about customers’ likes, dislikes etc to work on, improve and create – wow-experience for the client


Digital Menu Boards for Quick-Serve Restaurants (QSRs)

The Digital Menu Signage are

  • Powerful yet cost-effective solutions to communicate menu offerings
  • Use customised templates and high-definition graphics content for not only informing the customers, but also engaging them.
  • These Solutions facilitate centralised control and instant upload of new information viz – new menus, dishes, customer-offers etc
  • Come with options of pre-scheduling these to automatically change for breakfast, lunch, dinner etc
  • - Enables huge saving in time required for incorporating changes, as well helps saving cost of printing and distribution, as in the conventional methods


Digital Shelf Talkers

Digital Shelf Talkers

  • Can be used effectively, with audio, to influence last-mile customer behavior
  • Customize your messages by shelf and store location on an unlimited number of devices and screens
  • Update product / model-specific pricing/ offer information and deliver Marketing campaign across all stores within seconds
  • Eliminate costs of Printing and Shipping, recurring otherwise for new products, prices, promotions etc


Digital Cataloging

Digital Display Solutions as Endless Aisles for Digital Cataloging

  • A consistent brand story creates customer trust- A wide product range enhances Brand image of the Retailer in terms of quality and reliability. This trust and relationship is likely to result in more purchase
  • Faster transition from Research to Purchase stage
  • Touch Screens increase Customer experience by bringing the advantages of online shopping in store
  • Can be integrated with QR / RF reader for faster check-outs


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