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Contactless Solutions for Healthcare

The period of reopening of businesses, comes with its own set of challenges particularly with reference to taking precautions for safety of the most important resource for any organization- the human resource.

Key directives from various health experts and health organizations like WHO, FICCI for prevention of further spread in this crucial period, include provision of Contact less Screening for temperature-Sanitizing at all entry points and other prominent places in the organization,-Displays safety instructions at all prominent places to ensure selective and infection-free entry.
Supremus brings to you, the solutions which enable your workplace to be ready for the workforce’s safety and hygiene. These include QR based Mask Dispensers, Digital Signage with Contact less Sanitizer Dispenser and Facial Bio metric Thermometer.
Ideal for Corporates, Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial Establishments, Malls, Banking , Financial and Insurance Sectors.

Contactless Hand Sanitizing Dispenser with Digital Signage

Contact Less Hand Sanitizer

 Key Features :
  • Display : 21.5” commercial-grade screen with Digital Signage software (optional).
  • Auto dispenser with drip tray : Auto dispense via the built-in IR Sensor for a Clean and Contact less to avoid cross infection.
  • Capacity : Available one 1000 ml and 5000 ml capacity.
  • Dispenser life cycle : 6,50,000 times (1000 ml – 400 pumps ,5000 ml to 2000 pumps).
  • Installation : Wall mounted with an option for Floor Mounting.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning : Die cast plastic moulded design, easy to clean and refill.

Facial Bio-metric Thermometer Solution

Facial Biometric Thermometer Solution


Key Features :

  • Non Contact : Contact less thermometer saves manpower and reduces human contact, thus reduce transmission which can occur due to proximity required in hand-held device.
  • Controlled Entry : Can screen and control employees and external visitors faster than the hand-held and without them removing masks.
  • Attendance : Face recognition is coupled with temperature data, recorded for both immediate and future action if required, thus acting as a single-point check.
  • Investment : Cost of Temperature Gun and Manpower VS Installation of Digital Thermal Non Touch Kiosk is value for money and result are quick and accurate.
  • Rugged and fool-proof : Automated operations makes it a more rugged and fool-proof solution, doing away with human error and limitations.

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