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Get your Diwali Home Ready

A festival that brings in lights,great visuals soothing music, joy, smiles, exchanging gifts, loads of mithai (happiness personified) and new beginnings

There is a mood that needs to get set right from your cards night to your poojas, and dinners with loved ones …

  • Bring in some glamour with lights:

Diwali is a festival of lights, right? So let us do just that !! wherever possible install dimmers, they can surely lift your mood from a vibrant lit dinner to a quite serene evening, have control panels to control your lights. we can help you, connect with us at . Also try some new fixtures, lamps, chandeliers. Want It to be budget friendly? how about some DIY tricks? Lights are one of the best ways to make Diwali memorable. Use more candles, earthen diyas.

  • Audio:

What helps the mood setting besides the lights is good soothing music. a simple eg: when you enter an ambient hotel, restaurant, or a place that gives you good vibes is definitely the audio tracks playing in the background that is soothing you unconsciously Investing in a professional audio system will keep that vibe going. Play devotional music in the background while your rituals are on or light instrumentals when you have guests. The vibrations the music creates brings in the magic of positivity around you. Connect with our expert AV consultants

  • Change some décor pieces bring in a main centre piece of attraction:

Use a statement piece and make it the focus of your festival. You could use a mural, a frame, an art piece. Add flowers to create a special ambience

  • Home theatre:

Festivities is all about bring your near and dear ones together and time well spent with them. Movie Marathons, your favourite web-series, memories from trips, watching old family/ friends’ videos. You can connect with us at to help you with the best home theatre options. We will help you plan it with your budget and your requirements.

  • Pooja room Alterations:

During Diwali the highlight would be all around the pooja room. you could redecorate it with new curtains, some brass ware, change the backdrop to give a freshness

  • Dining Area:

Is there anything more important than food? let us concentrate to make the presentation more festive. Change the table runners/ covers to be more traditional, use earthen plates n bowls or make it formal and use white n gold crockery

  • Foyer Area:

Light it up, make the welcoming warm into your home with lights, flowers rangoli, give it a makeover as well. The entrance makes an impact and brings in the positivity with everyone entering as well.

  • Reuse Recycle Repurpose:

Bring out your vintage collections, and add that old world charm Your stoles could become runners, your dupattas table covers, your sarees curtains, bangles can be placed around the tealights, outgrown kurtas could make great cushion covers. The possibilities are endless let those creative juices flow and make the festive season more special.

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