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Returning to Safe Workspaces

New norms of today’s world – face masks, social distancing, and rotating hours.
As companies are getting ready to welcome their staff back, they need to make the working space safe and healthy for them.

Work environment.
Companies must think about how they can ensure that their spaces remain sustainable not only just tomorrow but for the future as well.  Initially, Covid Appropriate behavior to be observed.

1. Hygiene and health check

Contactless Facial Biometric Sensor

While the vaccine is out and the frontline workers and other Priority Age Groups  have started to be administered with them, it is going to take a while before the entire population / every person in India receives it.

So taking temperature, sanitizing hands, and sanitizing the workplace is going to remain the priority. The more contact-less solutions the safer it is for everyone around.

  1. Contactless thermometer and Mask Detection
  2. Contactless Sanitizer dispenser
  3. Social distancing by Occupancy sensors / People Counters
  4. Remote meetings and customer engagements

Mental Health Check

Mental Health

This may be the last thing the employers would check into or may even totally skip their list of things

The pandemic has left a huge impact on many some positive and some negative, in it has not been a year that people can forget easily.

Many people though found the time to explore many fell to depression, working from home also has not been easy for many either. Then there are cases, which left some with being infected and deal with long recoveries, or loss of near dear ones.

To help in this situation employees need Counselling and be guided to Self-help. Lots of Employers have brought on Consultation these kind of Specialised help to be able to Cope up with these kind of mental health concerns . Another way is to bring the Joy of Working from the Office back to the routine of People. This way they can connect to their Office colleagues in smaller groups albeit, but still feel a sense of Normality in their lives. This can be for those people who have already completed their Vaccinations and are ready to slowly return to

Rethinking the workspaces

Rethink Workspaces

Meetings have become remote with clients and you would have a hybrid workforce.

So the workforce would constitute of people working from home, those who come regularly, those who come alternative days and those who come in only when it is a dire necessity . . .

a) So your working space would be required to change accordingly, to maintain social distance, technology to be added to support the workforce from home to remain connected to the ones attending work physically…

b) the meetings in-house or with clients held at work would require social distancing to be maintained, so you may need bigger brighter displays more powerful microphones, wireless communications, better bandwidth.

c) the meetings / training especially within the organizations could move from rooms to versatile spaces, like town halls, cafeterias, have collapsible spaces to create space according to the requirements of the meeting, video conferences

d) the technology used in the workspace should need minimum contact, so voice-activated solutions would probably be a good option.

The workplace should not only be productive and but also safe

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