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Make your workplace ready for hybrid work environment

Your commercial property, whether rented or owned, is an essential business asset. Effective and strategic utilization of your working space affects your organization’s productivity and profitability.

The resilience of all types of organizations depends on how quickly they can adapt to new disruptions while keeping their workforce productive, the workplace safe, and new innovative application workloads securely deployed on time wherever they are needed. We are here to build a bridge to make that possible. The fundamental is to connect people to the resources they need for businesses to stay competitive, safe, and resilient.

With vaccines already in the early stages of distribution, occupancy service professionals are wondering how operation trends will change in the long run…

If one thing the pandemic has taught us is to remain prepared for all the adversaries and be flexible to make changes at the earliest.

The world has seen pandemics come and go but this one seems to be lingering for a long long time.

In ways more than one, the pandemic is making sure the inevitable happens, remaining connected, going to work and yet maintaining the distance. What remains is how we are to deal with 2nd wave and ensure workplace safety is maintained not just for today but for the days to come as well.

Teleworking, virtual conferences, and shared office spaces have over a decade developed but the pandemic has made the use of these much faster easier, and relatable.

There is going to be a long-lasting effect of this situation and to maintain cost-effectiveness running business, the spaces our offices have will have to be re-visited to make them compliant.

A lot of people have got comfortable with the idea of working from home yet we need to understand the negative impact it has not only on businesses but on a personal level as well.

We need to understand that office need to be working and yet be safe.

The reasons that we need to have physical working spaces have become evident.

  1. Productivity: working from home has definitely reduces the productivity drastically. Everyone needs a structured environment to be able to work to his or her optimum capacity. It is easy to feel isolated. Dry interaction (mostly faceless) lead to reduced productivity and a feeling of incompleteness.
  2. Socializing: we as humans are social beings, and our need to socialise with others is very important to maintain healthy mental balance. Team working in togetherness is one of the most desirable scenarios to deliver high Customer satisfaction. So, we need to have people working from office and take responsibility of their safety and maintain the social distance and yet have the social connect.
  3. Collaboration & coordination: there would be times that you would need spaces for collaboration within the office or with your clients from outside and online, your collaboration and coordination would involve longer meetings, creating a need for dedicated space/s.
  4. Security & Safety of Digital Assets: This is especially a valid concern in all Technology companies that need to have Secure connectivity to the Cloud and other workspaces. Due to Commodity internet being used at homes, there is a serious Security issue for Digital information of getting leaked / Hacked. Devices are being used for Work and entertainment alike, posing a risk to Technology users.
  5. Preparing for Returning to Work with Connected Workplaces
    Returning to the workplace will be very different for everyone. Post-pandemic, roughly 30% to 50% of the workforce will work partially or entirely at home. In the resulting hybrid workforce, some occupations will return to the office for hands-on collaboration, and others will either work full time at home or visit the communal office space for “moments that matter”. Reconfiguring the workplace is essential to adapt to new health safeguards.

Video conferencing will likely replace group conference room meetings to meet social distancing requirements.

The question most commonly asked is why would I need AV Consultants for space management?

AV Consultants

To put it in perspective we will list them down for you..

1) Reducing costs by optimizing the space you have

Working with an experienced workplace design consultant will identify where optimisation improvements can be made,

It’s also important to not overlook the benefits of offering flexible working environment. Workplace Technology is an important element of this process. to be able to adapt to the new challenges what are the changes in meeting room technologies that we need to bring about.

2) Improved health and safety

Many organizations have been tasked with adapting existing facilities to accommodate social distancing measures. A space utilization analysis can help you to implement social distance measures, and manage work schedules to avoid peak occupancy levels.

With a possible reduction in employee density, AV consultants can help by advising changes required in the Meeting room Technology to provide Best experience without compromising on the Health and Safety.

3) A better experience for workers and visitors

A lot of customers should encourage the Renovation of their Offices during this Pandemic time in order to Get a Complete Makeover of their facilities and ENABLE Digital Meeting scenario. This will significantly reduce risk of Infection to Employees, and this time can be used as An Outage time for your Offices and equip the offices with Latest technology.

An optimized workspace creates a more productive and comfortable environment for workers, helping to boost morale and loyalty towards your organization.

4) Lower costs and income-generating opportunities

find ways to repurpose underutilized areas, space consolidation to adapt for a hybrid workforce that includes remote, mobile and on-site employees. You can make more cost-effective decisions that don’t compromise your operations or the safety of employees.

5) Understand demand for meeting and conference rooms

Meeting rooms and conference rooms are an office facility that are always at a premium – but are they actually being used in an intelligent way? Are rooms actually being used to capacity, and are bookings being kept?  Intelligent booking panels allows employees to efficiently book and run meetings.

By monitoring actual meeting room usage, you can identify problems of under-utilisation and put in place a new booking system that shows when room bookings are not being kept, which rooms are sitting idle, which rooms are too big or small for your needs and create policies so that room usage is as efficient as possible.

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