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All Buyers / Customers want to touch and feel what they were going to buy and experience what they may need.

An Experience Centre is built exclusively for your Customers helps assist and ease that process. It is an Immersive Buying experience.

The Ability to showcase the Products, Solutions and Services ,  with a lasting impression will ensure that the opportunity is almost won.

It has been our Observation that once a customer visits an experience centre by seeing the range, the Variety and the working of the Solution or Service, It converts into a Closed Business Opportunity.

It is a Place where the Customer has your Undivided Attention, and in a Calm, Non-Persuasive environment, is able to decide clearly what best suits their requirements.

The experience centre is quite flexible, and can be changed according to the customers visiting, thereby giving a unique experience each time.

Solutions India Systems Private Limited [SISPL] understands the value of  Experience centres and that’s why we built one for Ourselves !! .. Please see the reviews of the same as being Covered by International AV Magazine – INAVATE and let us know what you feel ..

If you would like to build a Unique Experience Zone .. please connect with us on or call us at +91 99300 68300

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