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Tips to boost productivity and efficiency through meeting room technology:

It will be a familiar Site when you enter a meeting room and everyone is waiting to get started, only to be held up by some critical piece of technology that isn’t working correctly? Multiply those minutes (or hours) by the number of people in the room, and you can see why it’s so important to make sure that you have the best setup you can possibly get: When you consider the cost of TIME, you simply can’t afford not to leave this unattended. No matter how much we sometimes wish we could replace meeting rooms, they are often the best place to get a fair amount of work done. Even in a digital era, face-to-face meetings are still extremely valuable, and that means that it’s worth every penny that you spend in meeting room technology  The efficient technology that you use in your meeting rooms would make the time spent together with your team more effortless and seamless than ever before. The design or re-design of your meeting room and use of right technology is important to the success of your employees as well as meetings with business guests and clients.

Modern Meeting Room Tech To Consider

Upgrade your AV System to provide the Latest Experience to your Users. 

AV System

You can have the state-of-the-art meeting room technology but dropped calls, pixelated video, and choppy audio will fail to impress clients, will frustrate vendors, and will waste employees’ time. Fortunately, weak Wi-Fi or overloaded bandwidth are problems easy to anticipate and prevent. A good IT and AV Systems Integrator / provider won’t just rip out your old hardware and replace it with the latest thing. Instead, that provider will carefully assess your current systems’ weaknesses against your anticipated needs in order to make budget-friendly recommendations for your new Digital  Technology

Professional High Resolution Displays , with or without Touch capability and NOT TV’s is the way to move forward 

LED Wall
A picture says a 1000 words and a moving picture says a Million. A lot of the conferencing’s value derives from participants’ ability to spot visual cues, feel connected to their colleagues, and share presentations and work screens. That requires a screen that nearly disappears between  participants. The right display screen for you will depend on the size of your space and your other conference room equipment. There are other parameters such as Clarity of the Fonts and the viewing distances that has to be factored for which and AV expert will definitely be of help. Make sure the screen offers a Full HD or 4K display  in case detailed viewing is desired. Normally Such Displays do a Great bit for Visual but lack on the Audio capability so we need high-quality sound, too which can be best done by a Good Audio systems . When setting up the room, you’ll want to mount the screen at or around eye level when standing to ensure perfect Sight lines.

Enhance content sharing with a Wireless Presentation System

The point of technology is to make things easier, not harder, and having to maintain a collection of different adapters just to make sure that we never waste time again is certainly not the easiest way of doing things.

Content from a laptop, tablet, or phone is typically the center piece of any meeting whether you connect work teams in a video conference or hold a meeting amongst people located in the building. While the hard cable connection should be a redundant option to connect to any meeting room, it often poses limitations and challenges due to the Hardware variety.  That’s where the wireless presentation system comes in. Wireless presentation systems such as Kramer Via Go , or Crestron’s  Air media or a Screen beam will simplify linking content to the screen. These systems allow everyone in the room to connect their laptop, phone, or tablet using either a downloaded app or the native screen sharing capabilities already built into Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS devices. Beyond simply removing the limitations, clutter, and distractions caused by passing cables around and looking for adapters, wireless presentation systems can offer a host of enhanced features. For instance, everyone in the room can connect and share their screen, multiple screens can be seen at once, and team members in other locations can also connect and share

Clear Intelligible Audio both While Speaking and while Hearing:

This is perhaps one of the most Overlooked attribute in the Meeting room. In certain Cases, such as an Video Call, even if the Video is not Visible, the Audio is sufficient to at least have a completed call.  but just imagine that the Far Side keeps complaining that your Audio is not clear or intelligible and you complain about the Near side where the Audio could be feeble or unclear.  That does it ..  Audio (Voice and music) is a Very important component in the experience and Poor AV set up can ruin the same. Audio should be Clear Crip and Intelligible and at the proper Decibel Level for the users to have a Near Natural Experience as if the person on the far Side is sitting just next to them.

Train and encourage  employees in how to use and adopt New technology

Most of the current technology is very user-friendly control systems with touch panels and intuitive Graphic icon based App controls, which allow users to control everything from conference room video solutions to lights and displays with a simple touch. Also, make sure the systems and technologies you are using play well together – some solutions work best when paired with others, so consult with your conference room AV integrator to minimize future technology glitches. Your integrator will program your new systems with simplicity and usability in mind, ensuring they are virtually foolproof. While your meeting room technology should be as user-friendly as possible, it is important to teach your employees how to use the tools you put in place. Let’s say  a) Train them on how to join a conference call.              b) Give them hands-on experience with touchscreen solutions.  c) Show them how to work the master touch panel.  d) Offer both large-group and one-on-one sessions, and let people actually touch and use the equipment under supervision before the big day arrives.  An hour invested in training now could save you from a ruined meeting later. The more comfortable and competent your team members feel with the tools you have in place, the more likely they will be to use them – thus ultimately making the dreaded meeting room experience more effective and enjoyable.

Make scheduling the conference room easy

Your admin staff wants to be sure the right people get the right rooms and the right times. Scheduling panels mounted outside of your meeting rooms can also make booking meetings simple like the Crestron Room Scheduler. By allowing anyone in your organization to see if a room is available or in use, you minimize frustrations associated with employee’s double booking a room or not being able to find a convenient place to meet. Scheduling panels also display upcoming meetings and open time slots, allowing users to book a meeting on the spot. Find a scheduling panel system that integrates with your organization’s calendar application, allowing users to reserve a room when they create a meeting invite.

Ensure you have timely and sensitive AV repair and support

This is the last yet a very important part. Your conference room av setup will need regular support and maintenance. Can your in-house IT department handle that? If not, you need to expand your contract with a managed services provider Remember that your standard computer technology team may not include expertise in audio visual conference room equipment. You’ll want a specialist who can do installation, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and training. As with most technology support, it’s never wise to assume that an on-demand approach will work. Your office requires a dedicated, knowledgeable team to keep your audiovisual equipment operating smoothly and efficiently.

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