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Conference Room Design

Today’s workforce demands the ultimate modern conference room design. The conference room provides a space to brainstorm and to work on projects together. Also more often than not they are used as meeting rooms to close sales with potential clients. Conference room design showcases your expertise to potential and existing clients. Most of the decisions are made here. And this would make this a place which needs to provide you with conducive environment that assists positive outcomes.

Conference room design would involve different factors to consider like; the Purpose of the conference room, no of people using it, the kind of technology required to create impact.

Here are some conference room design tips that will help you design the perfect meeting room space.

The ideal conference room design should facilitate using the space to connect, communicate and collaborate with others and not draw attention to itself.

The conference room design and layout are important because it sets the framework for the work that takes place within it.

An ideal conference room design should reflect the values and requirements of the company creating it. Most importantly, it needs to meet the physical and technological needs of the team members this include equipping your room with the right video conferencing system and giving your employees the tools they need to successfully collaborate.

Video Conferencing Technology

LED Video Wall for Boardrooms - Supremus Infinia

All modern conference room designs include technology. Gone are the days of plain blackboards and whiteboards

The characteristics of the space, fixtures and equipment it contains need to address visibility, acoustics, connectivity and accessibility for users.

Invest in High-Quality Audio and Video Equipment

Your conference room design should have an up to date A/V setup , as well as easy to configure and operate. It needs to be powerful enough that speed, connectivity and resolution issues won’t derail presentations or video conferencing streams. If your equipment has recurring connection problems or is prone to failure, the meetings remain disruptive and decisions go pending.

SISPL helps you do just that providing innovative video conferencing equipment to give the best possible meeting experience.

Location of Conference Room

Conference Room Location in office

While making a conference room design make sure you consider the location of the conference room in the office space as well.

It needs to be centrally located so all employees can easily reach it, but it can’t be in a noisy area. So you may not want to have it next to the cafeteria, or too close to rest rooms where meetings may get interrupted.

The location also depends on the number of people who will be using the conference room.

Lighting in Conference Room

Conference Room Lights

To get the best from your conference room design, you’ll have to offer the right kind of lighting.

Natural lighting is always preferred over artificial lighting. Though, in a conference room, there will most likely be presentations that will make use of projectors and screens. This means, you need to make sure the windows are covered with blinds or shades to block out the sunshine during presentations. Besides natural light, you will also need include artificial lighting in your conference room design. When doing so, avoid using overhead lighting if possible. Task lighting works better and is easier on the eyes.

If you want people to feel comfortable, awake and alive when they’re in a conference room, allow natural light into the space.

Natural lighting makes rooms feel bigger while filling them up with bright, warm light. Try a little sunlight to help ideas grow and blossom.

Movable Furniture for Meeting Rooms

Movable Furniture

Let’s face it some meetings are quite boring where everybody sits very still and quiet at the table. While it may be mandatory for some businesses, for others effective communication would requires more kinetic energy.

A conference room design should also consider furniture that is lightweight, reconfigurable or on rollers if there’s any chance your meetings might break out into an activity — or if you just want the ability to easily switch things up.

Being able to move around, rearrange seating, act something out or otherwise bring elements of physicality into meetings can make all the difference in the world.

Conference Table dimensions

The Conference room design needs to be able to accommodate maximum number of people going to use the conference room. This affects the length of the table required. The table should be versatile to be able to adjust to the type of the conference. Could be a collaborative work desk that helps employees work together more efficiently or a traditional boardroom table that runs down the middle of the room, or a U-shaped table that promotes easier engagement with the presenter of the meeting,

The layout depends entirely on what the conference room will primarily be used for…

Décor and Colors of Conference Rooms

Conference room decor

The conference room design must be in line with the rest of the building. Conference Room for a tech start-up with young professionals, can be a little more playful and creative, designing for a law firm where lawyers use the conference room to meet with clients, would require a more conservative and elegant-looking design. Any brand has its own signature colors so, the color scheme used should be complementing it. The most important thing to remember is to always design with productivity in mind.

Space Allocation of Conference Room

Make sure your conference room design assists to accommodate the number of people who will actually need to use it simultaneously.

Nobody in the meeting would like to be seated more than its capacity. If team members are spending time figuring out how to sit comfortably, t they won’t be attentive in the meeting.

Reduce Distraction in Meetings

Conference Room

Conference room  may have Windows that face landscapes, or even boring parking lots, these are a great way to let in helpful natural light. However they can also become a distracting for team members. So you will end up having wandering minds and eyeballs halfway through a long meeting or presentation.


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