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Making wayfinding an interactive & interesting experience for the Visitor.

Wayfinding often leads to a happy satisfied visitor. How you may ask?

So let’s say the visitor has got into this huge mall and the challenge is to figure out their way to this brand store in this huge maze of stores lined up everywhere.

Tada!! So what comes handy is the way finder. The Experience to shopping for the client begins right there. The ease in using the way finder and locating the store will set the tone of the shopping experience. When a visitor has to take an action that is difficult, it quickly becomes frustrating. This causes an otherwise smooth experience to sour in an instant.

This would be true for

a mall

a university campus

a healthcare facility

a huge office building (banks/corporates/government)

a station/airport

a museum

a smart city

How would this impact you, as a business?

Well you hold the power to include digital wayfinding signage & this can go a long way in making things easy on the visitor while improving the overall experience.

Here’s more information the kinds of way finders you can incorporate;

Digital Signage

Touchscreen devices and kiosk enclosures to ensure that all visitors will enjoy an intuitive wayfinding experience. These are to be easily editable at back end to incorporate quick changes.

Inclusive Wayfinding 

One of the best things about new wayfinding technology is that it caters to everyone who may encounter it are using directional audio speakers and text-to-speech audio

To help your project success, it’s important to remember the visitor experience – and how digital wayfinding signage can impact it…

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