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The most important place probably in any organization is where important decisions are made, and progress is analyzed, and this is the conference room the company’s operations are formulated here as well.

All this is majorly done in the conference room and so it is the nerve center of the office. Undoubtedly it needs to be as functional as possible. The right technology can make all the difference in productivity and efficiency and here comes the role of the conference room designers.

They help you design your CR keeping in mind the basic aesthetics, functionality and most importantly the requirement of your organization.

Good use of your video conferencing room space can help your employees be more productive and creative when working in teams. Your conference room needs to utilize good design, comfortable office furniture, and proper equipment for your employees to feel comfortable and to enhance teamwork.

Consider the following do’s and don’ts when creating your office’s conference space.


1)Invest in Standard Equipment

  1. Whiteboards
  2. Hassle-free AV setup
  3. Comfortable seats
  4. Table and seating style
  5. Food/ beverage areaConference Room Designers
  6. Lighting

2) Location of the room

3) storage

4) connectivity


  • Do Not Crowd the room
  • Ensure there no distractions
  • No broken furniture or equipment
  • Ambiance is positive

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