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Audio-Visual Installations at your workplace / home can be of great assistance amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak.

With WHO declaring this to be a PANDEMIC, we need to be extra cautious …

Businesses are moving to both protect employee health and avoid disruption of their operations by taking steps to support staff to work from their office spaces without involving travel.

Audio Visual setups have since long been used to not only minimize the traveling cost but also use time more effectively.

In today’s scenario where the Virus outbreak is taking pandemic proportions in countries worldwide, now is the time to make sure your employees are well taken care of and are not made to travel.

Help the globe contain the spread of this deadly virus.

All institutions whether they are offices spaced out in multi-locations, or universities/schools, it is the need of the hour to bring into their working the use of Audio Visual Aids.

COVID- 19 Is Creating a Watershed Moment for Online Study, Work, Shopping, Relationships, and Entertainment.


Let us explore the possibilities AV can assist us and make this transition a little better:

Video Conferencing1) For giving remote training to students

2) Video conferencing within offices to avoid human contact and yet ensure meetings are conducted.

3) Video conferencing with your partners, vendors, customers for those crucial decision making meetings that you were supposed to travel for.

4) Giving a virtual tour of your facility to your potential customer with the aid of AV and AI technologies.

5) Board meetings with board members at different locations.

6) Provide entertainment at home in your home theatres.

Prominence and Importance of AV has been highlighted during the Lockdown period and people all across have realised that they can’t survive without having adequate AV solutions within their Offices / Homes.

Overall significance of Technology is proved to be Lifesaving, Cost Saving and need of the hour.

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