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What is Command Center Solution you may ask?

command center is the source of leadership and guidance to ensure that service and order are maintained, rather than an information center or help desk.

It is also referred to as a control room. An important concept to understand for facilities that employ audio-visual setups of any size is the importance for facilities and organizations that require unified control over multiple audio-visual setups.

Command center solutions today combine several security components, such as video, audio, access control, intrusion, and more.

It is organized to gather, process, analyze, display, and disseminate planning and operational data and perform other related tasks.

Industries like Electricity and Telecom, Power, Military/Defence operations any of those strategic or critical applications make use of a command center.

They also play a major role in everyday situations that are non-critical nor emergency driven.

These hubs vary from one facility to the next, the common factor is a consistent purpose. These act as a nerve center for the myriad of audio-visual equipment activities of a facility.

With a skillfully constructed and maintained control room, the AV crew can easily oversee connected setups and share integrated resources while providing the control that crews need to get their jobs done efficiently.

It may be for a large concert, security, or any other organizational need, having a centralized place to monitor activities and equipment is crucial and of prime importance.

All audio-visual systems benefit from consultation and input from the audio-visual integrator.

larger centralized hubs require the assistance of skilled and experienced audio-visual integrator for maximum efficiency and optimization.

An audio-visual crew is paramount in avoiding any problems along the way and should be consulted during the planning stages of any such systems.

Complex control centers require planning, and with special consideration for far-reaching technical considerations. Long-term support to make sure that everything keeps running every day of the year. With a trusted team helping to produce an efficient and reliable setup.

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