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Keep your expensive AV Equipment in great shape

Todays AV / Electronic equipment are maintenance free but do require a basic amount of upkeep…..

  1. To ensure smooth running and operation of your equipment you need to ensure it is switched on regularly and used for some time for proper Operation. This is very essential and even if you do not need to use the equipment make sure is made to work. Just like a car that needs to be started and taken for a spin when not in use the same way the inside of electronic equipment also needs to be started and run for a while to ensure its running condition is maintained “Dry Solder” will occur when electronic equipment is not in use and this is the cause of most natural electronic failure. 

2. The biggest damage to any electronic device is usually done by humidity /dust / food particles that are left unattended on the device. Ensure that your device is wiped clean regularly with a slightly damp cloth and a tiny bit of mild soap for the exterior.  You will be surprised to see the amount of dirt you are cleaning.

3. Misuse of the equipment needs to be avoided to ensure they run smoothly and for longer period of time. This means you need to ensure the person operating your system is trained to do so, ensure your people are trained by your AV System Integrator. Timely Service for cleaning Projector filters, checking fans for ventilation are most important as they can spoil the product.

 Additionally, you can have a password lock on your touch panel control systems or keyboard control system to increase the protection from being misused.This will make sure the equipment is not mishandled and the longevity and productivity of the device.

Repair av equipment

4. Trainings for the use of the AV installs at your facility will help in making the optimum usage. usually, the employee turnover in any organization is high and trainings will safeguard the devices.

5. The life of the devices is increased when you use power stabilizers such as UPS or power functioning hardware to regulate and improve the electricity inflow to it. Stable electricity having the right voltage will make the device run to the optimal. Along with the stabilizers maintain the temperature of the room where it is installed to avoid overheating. this can be taken care of by correctly mounting the devices, using the right cables, leaving enough space around the equipment to allow air flow and reduce the heating. 

6. Though adding this point in the last but this is of prime importance. Give your service contract to maintain the Audio Video equipment to AV professionals, and renew your contracts to ensure your equipment is taken care of. It is simple logic, the way you would go for regular checkups to the doctor to maintain your body the same way you need av specialists to look after your av install as preventive measures and regular checkups. Anything that is taken care of regularly lasts longer and better.

7. Another Way to extend the Life of Equipment is to limit the no. of users by way of Hiring a “Facilities Resident Technician”. This person will keep the Condition of your Hardware in Proper working condition and will be useful to Troubleshoot and maintain smaller user related issues.  They are a real boon if the size of the installation is Sizable and definitely a must for Campus wide Installs.  This not only reduces the Turnaround time for complaints, but simpler operational issues are completely brought down. 

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