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Lobby Design Concepts

Lobbies are the first impression to any place When you enter, the wow factor and these are most definitely the lasting ones. Lobbies are like community living rooms.

It is like a handshake whether it is warm, uninterested or personal.

When you walk through the door of any business, it reflects the ethos of the culture and the vibe of the place. It tells you what that business is trying to achieve.

Most often you waited in this place or sometimes briefed here too.

Even the most significant guests /visitors/customers every person needs to pass from here.

So, bring in it your best and make sure this becomes a door to showcase your strengths. Highlight your Organisations Story and let your visitor know more about you and your Culture

Some points that you may want to consider helping you build an impressionable lobby

  • It should be Open and Welcoming and have the least number of
  • It should be helpful and guide and provide proper accessibility to new and unfamiliar guests
  • The lobby should have elements of Life and Technology and everything in between
  • Comfortable Seating for sharing quiet conversations
  • Comfortably cool and Airy and a definite style of décor and lights
  • Light background music and informative Displays that speak about the company’s history or

 They could be in transit here waiting there for a while before you see them. They develop your impression beginning right here

While maintaining consistency you can change the look by simply changing the display content, having interactive displays. You can make these your conversation starters.

Highlight the strengths of your company on these displays. You can walk them thru your journey of Legacy of the company you are today and also give them an insight into your products and Services

Lobbies give a good opportunity to get the guests/ clients involved, intrigued and curious to understand the company they are visiting and building the climax to see the real product they have come to experience.

The Lobby displays can be changed to personalized customer-oriented ones. Where a welcome note is designed for the customer and displays to have the actual content the client may wish to use.

The technology gives you a strategic vision to help build your impressionable LOBBY

Digital Signage: Digital Signage is to optimally utilize Displays for cresting Digital Content and displaying them in public areas for allowing people to access information about your organization. This can help build connections with Visiting Guests and Customers by calling them out personally or by wishing other stakeholders on their important days.

This also doubles up as information dissemination in case of any news (internal or External) that needs to be shared and has a better impact when viewed digitally.

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