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The Rise of Huddle Rooms / Huddle Space in India

Are Open plans your pain area? We have the solutions – “Huddle Rooms”

The open workplace is found to decrease employee productivity caused by distractions and interrupted communications.  To ensure your employees can collaborate, id-elate, create and brainstorm with minimum distractions and maximum output. Welcome, well equipped Huddle Room / Huddle Space at your office.

What is Huddle Rooms?

A Huddle Space is a small enclosed meeting room, equipped with conference-calling and video conferencing capabilities, that teams can hop into for brief meetings, brainstorming sessions, recaps, or collaborating that won’t take long but, should happen face-to-face (or at least face-to-digital-face).

These rooms can typically accommodate up to five to six people and feature the following equipment:

  • Video Conferencing solutions.
  • Smart TV, LCD or LED Monitor.
  • A small central or interactive table accompanied with chairs that allow sitting arrangement.
  • An Interactive Digital Whiteboard.

Huddle Room will Remodel your Business

A recent analysis found the need for Huddle Spaces increasing rapidly, especially in open workplace environments. The rationale is simple: Huddle Rooms deliver significant value to users and to the business. They provide the ability to have a quick meeting, give privacy, promote brainstorming, improve productivity.

BYOD connectivity is essential to the Huddle Space, and not all wireless display solutions are created equal. Some key factors for successful collaboration are:

  • Ease-of-use for first-time and repeat collaborators
  • No artificial limitations on the number of connected users and/or amount of content that can be shared
  • IT-friendly configuration options since the wireless display will attach to the existing network

For SMBs looking for an affordable video conferencing solutions, the “Huddle Standard” is a streamlined option with a 1080p display and AMX Sereno video conferencing camera. The “Huddle Premium” is the next step up, with a UHD displays and an AMX Acendo Vibe conferencing soundbar featuring BYOD-friendly Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

Small space. Big benefits.

  • BYOD collaboration using Wireless connectivity
  • Audio Conferencing to connect to other team members
  • Possibility of VC content sharing if people ( including Farside )  need to show their presentation
  • Easy and simplified Connectivity with very few Points of Failure
  • Room Booking for easy availability and management.
  • Mobility Correlates With Productivity
  • Mobile Employees Require Less Space
  • Less Space Costs Less Money
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