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Fine Pitch LED Video wall

Reasons why Fine Pitch LED displays are replacing LCD walls

In Recent years, we have seen a lot of innovations in Direct View / Active LED Displays . Advances in LED technology are rapidly driving down prices and leading to increased adoption of seamless fine pitch LED Display. The advantage of seamless LED display is their flexibility that comes with various aspect ratios and sizes with inward and outward curve , and can be suited for any kind of Commercial or Enterprise applications .

Fine pitch LED Display features:

Seamless Experience

Fine Pitch LED Video Wall with no visible seam and bezel that enables people indulge themselves into large and clear vision. Due to seamless feature it has superior image quality, high performance touch and fit into any environment.

High Contrast/Brightness And Vivid colors

Fine Pitch LED Video wall have LEDs embedded directly on the screen hence they can be much brighter and also provide high contrast image. Fine Pitch LED Video wall offers 350Nits to 3500Nits of brightness which is programmable. This makes them suitable for Indoor and outdoor application. The Picture Quality is by far the best compared to any kind of Displays such as Projectors / LCD Panels / or Similar . This is primarily due to High Contrast and Very well saturated Colours .

High Refresh & Frame Rate

High Refresh Rates of Fine Pitch LED Video wall delivers high Image stability . The image is sharp and clear with no scan lines and ghost image. This makes it ideal for Studio or broadcast applications where there are Camera Capture without any scan lines .

Wide Viewing Angle

Fine Pitch LED Video wall have wide viewing angle of more than 160 degree which accommodates more audience for the same size of screen.

Right Panel Size

Fine Pitch LED Video wall consist of many small sized modules which enable us to achieve right size of screen. Arc shaped displays can be easily made with small modules providing the picture completeness.  We can achieve different Sizes and Different Resolution of images depending upon the Pixel Pitch / Density .

Reliable and Resilient .

Fine Pitch LED Video wall offers outstanding reliability and are designed for 24*7*365 operation. They’re also very resilient to environmental stressors like vibration, humidity, and UV light. Fine Pitch LED Video wall is centrally operated hence entire wall can be calibrated by a single programme. As the entire Fine Pitch LED video wall being from the same batch, aging of modules differently is never a problem. The service life of Fine Pitch LED video walls is 100,000 hours which is far more than traditional panels.

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