Video Conferencing Solution

Video Conferencing is a session of communication between a group of users, these users can be at different locations. This solution helps the users to see and hear each other thus making it a interactive medium of communication.

Now a days Video Conferencing is used almost all corporate, thus enabling them connect to customer round the globe. 

This solution requires special Video Conferencing equipment that can be either hardware-defined or software-defined solutions for rooms, PCs, browsers and mobile devices.

Various peripherals are used to provide participants with the best user experience which includes cameras, microphones, screens, headsets, speaker phones,  projectors and conferencing systems. This solution can be used as communication environment on global internet network or an private network.

SISPL is a leader in providing best polycom video conferencing and audio visual systems that gives an true-to-life quality user experience for team collaboration. Be it a simple video conferencing solution or a complex integrated system, SISPL can provide complete turnkey video conferencing solutions to ensure your meetings and presentations run efficiently.

With SISPL’s Telepresence you can:
  • Conduct meetings with people across multiple locations without complexity.
  • Accelerate decisions between multiple stakeholders.
  • Reduce travel time, costs and carbon emissions.
  • Increase productivity and take collaboration to a higher level.


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