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BIDS Global Hospitals

Global Hospitals Group is India’s most renowned healthcare services provider offering better care, cutting edge research and advanced education to caregivers. They are one of the country’s fast-growing chains of Multi Super Specialty Tertiary Care Hospitals offering healthcare services of international standards.

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Mumbai

Requirement by client:

Global Hospitals wanted SISPL to provide them with flawless collaboration using the state-of-the-art technology, enabling the doctors to do an interactive AV Communication with the audiences within the premise and anywhere across the globe.

They also wanted all the Operation Theatres of the Endoscopy floor to be integrated with a centralized system having control in a different room, from where the HOD can decide what to discuss and show to the audience.

Challenges faced:

The viewing of live surgery was an essential part of surgical training at Global Hospitals. Showcasing live-streaming of surgeries was a real-time challenge but our team of certified technology specialist did wonders through a broadcast system that was specifically designed to remotely control the camera systems (via the internet) and to remotely capture the video images and broadcast these, either live or on-demand, to a secure audience using internet-based streaming video.

Solutions offered:

A state-of-the-art control room was created within the hospital premises from where all the operation theatres, training rooms, and patient rooms were connected using the latest High Definition Digital techniques. Real-time images were carried across to the even transmitted to international hospitals through the HD Videoconferencing facility. Collaboration with other doctors was delivered and multi-streaming videos with archiving every operation were provided.

The OT rooms were fully equipped with Digital X-ray Machine, Endoscopy Camera, Professional Displays, Pan Tilt Cameras, Ceiling Speakers & Mics and Head-On Mic, which was especially for the Doctor who is operating. All the activity performed in this room was carried to the control room, and from there, it was carried to other locations for external display.

A well-established auditorium was built, incorporating various audio-video technologies that facilitated the ease of showing live operations and discuss critical cases. With the help of a projector and a projection screen, the live operation was shown in the waiting lounge area, thus updating the patients’ loved ones about their condition.


SISPL was able to provide the infrastructure that helped meet the doctors’ convenience and systematized care delivery at the same time. The client was contented and satisfied with the project delivered and the same is being utilized optimally in their enclosure. The vision of Padmashree Dr. Amit Maydew and his pioneering concept of being able to show, record and share live operations is now the international standard. With active engagement and regular involvement, SISPL was able to spearhead this vision into a reality while taking the utmost care of their needs and wants.

“The entire team is extremely receptive, friendly and knowledgeable. All the equipment installed by SISPL has been contemporary and state-of-the-art. And, I am very proud, that we have one of the best AV Integration systems, because of SISPL.” – Padmashree Dr. Amit Maydeo, Chairman, BIDS Global Hospital


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