Convenience And Control Whenever You Like, Wherever You Are…

We are always willing to understand every client's specific requirement and our team's expertise make us the obvious choice for a Smart Home seeker. Our goal is to achieve seamlessly integration of technology with day to day living in every home, to create a lifestyle totally unique to each individual and family.

The coming generation homes & offices will be digitally smart with all aspects of safety, security, energy efficiency and other automation are done digitally. As the demand for home automation continues to grow, SISPL plans to stay at the forefront of the industry by providing innovative solutions that deliver tomorrow’s lifestyle improvements today.

Whether you are building, renovating, extending or improving your home we will work with you to design and install a solution to fit your needs, budget and timescales.

Home Automation

At the high end of home automation, the whole ambiance of a home can be altered by touch panels, wireless remotes and even mobile phones. Light, music, television, telephony, games, climate and security – all at the command of a fingertip. At home or away! Our home automation lets you monitor, control and secures your home from anywhere.

We customized the automation package to suit your family’s needs. Depending on your budget, you can have a complete home automation package which includes automated lighting, heating, security, audio, blind, & solar and more or customize the package as per your immediate requirement.

Discover the benefits of smarter living:

  • Smart home enhances your lifestyle everyday.
  • Provides convenience and save you time and effort performing household tasks.
  • Complete peace of mind with integrated security system.
  • Makes you smart and energy-efficient at the same time.
  • Keep Comfortable with Climate Control.

Specialists in:

  • Visual Systems and Home Automation.
  • Home Cinema Set-Ups.
  • Intelligent Climate Control.
  • Smart and Integrated Lighting.
  • Mood Lighting Control.
  • Blind Control Solutions.
  • Multi Room A/V.
  • Security Integration.

Home Theatre

Home theatre/ cinemas offer the ultimate entertainment at home to enjoy with your family and friends. Custom-designed systems provide you with the perfect multimedia experiences from any source, on any screen type. This is why we implement and install the latest available technologies to optimize your home cinema experience. Irrespective of your seating requirements or room dimensions, with SISPL it is possible to create a customized home cinema system that offers the most prolific entertainment options, on demand.

Key features of our automated Home Theatre:

  • 2-way control of your receiver and surround sound system
  • Control motorized screen, projector lifts and curtains
  • One button management of movies, TV and video games
  • Lighting control creates the right environment for all media

From magnificent home cinema installations and multi-room audio/video to splendid automated lighting, we transform your house into stylish environments that lets you have full control over the comfort and security.

We work with architects and interior designers to ensure that our projects not only deliver the ultimate lifestyle performance required but also fits the design parameters outlined.