Hospitality That Delivers The WOW Factor

Hotels and Hospitality customers demand a modern, tech-savvy and “wow” effect during their stay or visit. They expect the same – or even better – experience in a hotel room or an airport lounge than they have in their own homes. This has caused a huge revolution in the way this industry adopts the Audio-Visual solutions to attract and retain discerning customers.

Audio-visual technologies are quickly becoming a mainstay of many hospitality environments. Whether guests are visiting a hotel, restaurant, or cruise ship, today's tech-savvy travelers expect video displays, touchscreens, and mobile connectivity to be abundant and useful. In a world full of screens, there are some ways hospitality brands are using AV technology to offer guests exceptional experiences.

1. large LED displays that are clearly visible throughout the restaurant/ bar / lounge/ reception areas.

2.Navigation/ history of the property on touch screen displays.

3. restaurants have their menu cards on the touch screens.

4. hotel/ resort rooms have touch screen locks, AV and light set up on touch screen displays, automated curtains, ambient light settings.

(Our Intelligent Lighting Solutions (I Light) helps businesses to reduce energy costs by up to 70% through the implementation of its Low Energy Lighting Strategy)

Our team at SISPL works throughout the hospitality sector providing audio-visual solutions, automated lighting and music, messaging systems, digital displays and more for better convenience and leisure. We provide unique solutions that are at the forefront of technology to create an immersive and welcoming experience for your customers.

At SISPL we design, supply, install and service audio visual systems for hospitality locations including airports, hotels, health clubs and resorts of all sizes. Interactive Kiosks

SISPL’s Interactive Kiosks are ergonomically designed to occupy very little space, serve many functions, possess remote management capability and offer unlimited future potential.  Our extensive expertise and kiosk product range allows us to seamlessly and effectively deploy touch screen kiosks projects at your workspace.

Interactive Kiosks

SISPL’s Interactive Kiosks are ergonomically designed to occupy very little space, serve many functions, possess remote management capability and offer unlimited future potential.  Our extensive expertise and kiosk product range allows us to seamlessly and effectively deploy touch screen kiosks projects at your workspace.

Interactive Kiosks at Airport allows the Passengers to:

  • Check-in and choose or confirm your seat on the cabin map.
  • Print boarding pass or trip summary.
  • Scan your boarding pass at the kiosk, in case of web check-in.
  • Self-tag baggage items.
  • Navigate their way through way-finder.

Interactive Kiosks at Hotels allows the Guests to:

  • Perform all basic functions of check-in and check-out.
  • Select rooms of their choice, depending on the availability.
  • Make dinner reservations.
  • Print receipts of hotel bills.
  • Access hotel maps or navigate their way through way-finder.
  • Browse through the digital restaurant menu.
We tailor the hardware and software of our kiosks as per your wants and needs, in order to create your own unique interactive kiosk. Expedite your guest service by shortening lines at the front desk with our Interactive Kiosk Solutions.

Flight information displays

The very first thing a commuter will look for when they walk through the terminal is the flight information displays. Which departure gate? Check-in desk? Are there any delays? All this information needs to be updated live, keeping passengers informed and on the move, so that flights can depart on time.

SISPL’s Flight Information Display System is designed to deliver airport management with automated control to distribute and display critical information to the traveling public, airport tenants, and airport operational staff. It provides real-time information essential for commuters, such as flight arrival and departure, flight delay announcements, weather reports, etc.

Key Features:

  • Information can be uploaded online.
  • Real-time monitoring of displays.
  • Compatible with multiple display media.
  • Embed advertising and videos.
  • Time scheduler to automatically switch content.
  • External input via interface, keypad or mobile device.
  • High level of customisation possible.
  • Comprehensive interfacing with external system.
  • Multilingual information display.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides airline and airport staff with accurate operational information.
  • Optimises passenger flow through the airport.
  • Improves customer service.

Our well-designed flight information system helps you to reduce the amount of time travellers spend I your terminal, minimizing user/staff interaction, allowing you to have a more efficient airport environment and promoting traveller satisfaction.

Interactive Lobbies - Lounge

Lobbies are responsible to create the first impression of a hotel. It should symbolize your company’s morals, brand, and message through all elements of the surroundings, including technology. Want to really get your guest's attention? Our innovative AV solution enhances your reception and lobby areas. We help you make a lasting impression on your guests and visitors, by keeping them informed, entertained and engaged while they wait.

Key features of our Interactive Lounge Solutions:

  • Turn the simplest spaces into experiences which inspires your guests.
  • Give your entire space a modern, technologically savvy feel.
  • Enhance your guest experience.
  • Increase brand awareness through Digital Signage Board.
  • Provide conveniences such as way finding and information services.
  • Entertain guests as they wait with automated music and visuals.

Digital Menus

Our Interactive Restaurant Menus enables videos to be displayed in the background of your menu boards to subtly capture the attention of your customers as they make their choice. It allows you to update content throughout the day by scheduling the appropriate content at the right time and the right place to positively impact your sales. As you move from breakfast to lunch, your digital menu boards will automatically change.

Key Features of Digitalised Menus:

  • Effective, vibrant and eye catching animated or static content.
  • Digital Promotions provide up to 60% up lift in sales.
  • Automatically change menus, pricing and promotions.
  • Re-enforce brand image whilst influencing customers purchase decision.
  • Instantly customize in-restaurant messaging.
  • Eco-friendly technology ensures minimal environmental impact.

Health Clubs

High quality, integrated sound & audio-visual systems have increasingly become a a fundamental part of modern-day gyms, leisure centers, health clubs and fitness suites. Audio Visual systems help set the tone, energy and atmosphere of your club.

SISPL offers a wide range of design and installation service providing audio-visual solutions, of any size to your health club. Whether it’s a portable music system for use in a Zumba class, an audio music system for a work-out studio, or a fully integrated multi- functional audio-visual system for a gym or leisure center, our team will create a solution to meet your requirements. It keeps people working hard and helps to pass the time while enhancing the experience.

SISPL’s typical Health Club installation includes:

  • Multi Zone Audio System.
  • Outdoor TV and audio systems.
  • Digital Signage to promote products and services.
  • TV / Satellite Distribution System.
  • LCD / Plasma Screens.
  • Surveillance cameras and video monitors/video walls.